The following are excerpts from the Hickonics/English dictionary. (Some of these you may have to read out loud and listen to really appreciate!)

Aint (noun)
A sister of your mother or father
All (noun)
A petroleum based lubricant
Bammer (noun)
The state west of Jawjuh. The capitol is Berminhayum
Bard (verb)
Past tense of the infinitive "to borrow"
Bob War (noun)
A sharp twisted cable
Cheer (noun)
A piece of furniture to sit in
Did (adjective)
Not alive
Ear (noun)
A colorless odorless gas mostly consisting of oxygen
Far (noun)
A conflagration
Farn (adjective)
Not domestic
Gubmint (noun)
A bureaucratic institution
Haint Gonna
Won't do it
Past tense of "hear"
Heidi (noun)
Hire Yew (noun)
How ya doin'
Jawjuh (noun)
The state north of Florida. The capitol is Lanner
Muntz (noun)
Calendar divisions
Ranch (noun)
A toll used for tight'nin bolts
Rats (noun)
Entitiled power or priviledge
Retard (verb)
To stop working
Sawed (verb)
Past tense of "saw"
Seed (verb)
Past tense of "to see"
Seent (verb)
Past tense of "to scare"
Skeeter (noun)
Blood-sucking flying insect
Tar (noun)
You gontta have four of these to make your car go
Thank (verb)
Ability to cognitively process
Tinsy (noun)
State North of Jawjah. Capital is Nashful
Tire (noun)
A tall building, as in the Eiffel Tire
Vittles (noun)

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